Stowe, VT: Ski Vacation Itinerary Part 1 - Days 1 & 2

Stowe, Vermont brought back all my small town nostalgia. Stowe is a super cute New England ski town to say the least! The reformed homes into businesses, the main street, the local friendliness - it all made an impression on my husband, Chris. This was our first trip to Stowe and now we vow to return - even in the summer - maybe especially in the summer? Who would have thought you'd walk away from a ski vacation with a summer vacation destination now, too? There's mountains, so hiking, tons of trails, tons of breweries... more on that later. :) Now, I'll run through days 1 & 2 of our 3 night and 4 day vacation! Here we go:



days 1 & 2 with Chris & Holly

Day 1 - travel day

  • Pick-up ski rental from Pinnacle Ski Shop
    • The location of this ski shop was perfect for us, right at the bottom of the hill our Inn was located on. Staff and service was great. No complaints! 
  • Check-in at Edson Hill Manor
    • Gorgeous property, impeccably designed. Very comfortable atmosphere, with common areas and complimentary breakfast served in the main dining room. Upon check-in we were personally walked to our room and given a brief tour and explanation of the amenities. We requested a mini fridge which was personally delivered by the live-in property manager. The entire experience made you feel like you were staying with family.
  • Dinner at Edson Hill Restaurant + Tavern
    • The Edson Hill staff strongly recommended you make reservations at the restaurant, if you like to go with the flow a little you might luck out at the restaurant or the tavern downstairs.  We were there on a Saturday night and were lucky enough to find a table in the Tavern. The menu between the two restaurants is identical.
      • "I recommend getting to know the bartenders and staff at Edson Hill. They offer great insight on the mountain and other local dining and bar recommendations. After a helpful convo, we immediately felt as close to locals as you can on your first visit." - Chris Horvath (CH)
    • We started with the fried brussel sprouts (delicious). After that all I can say is: Spaghetti squash lasagna with goat cheese! :O


Our room

Day 2 - ski and chill day

  • Skied at Stowe
    • Our waiter from the Edson Hill Tavern had recommended the Toll Road run as a fun, easy, but kind-of-narrow tree covered trail which ended up being our favorite run. So even though it was a super slow, old, chair ride back to the main part of the mountain - it was worth it!
    • After that we kept on the Fourrunner Quad chair, and saved the gondola for day two of skiing!
    • For lunch we grabbed a table at the Octagon Cafe at the top of the main mountain peak. Visibility was so poor that we could barley see the chair lift right out the window. Food options in the cafe were decent for a small cafeteria-style place at the top of a mountain! They even had beer and wine. Score.

slope side

love my ski partner. Hi, Chris!


  • Chilled at Edson Hill Manor
    • Vacation is meant to be fun and relaxing. So, I always try to schedule time to just hang out in the room and decompress!
    • Lucky for us both the winter Olympics and the movie Cool Runnings was on, so we chilled - a lot. 
    • There was a soaking tub in our room too! Which was amazing. More on that in my next post on the next days of our trip!
  • Dinner at The Bench
    • Pizza is always of interest to me. The wood-fired pizza at The Bench was pretty good, I'd honesty try another place before I went there again. Though the stand out on the 'za was the Artisan Meats of VT Pepperoni, which was SO good.


Woodfired pizza restaurant in Stowe, VT

That's all for now! If you want to chat about Stowe or pizza or anything, just shoot me a DM me on IG :) @hollysoulehorvath

Something to look forward to...

Days 3 and 4 of our trip to Stowe are coming up next, more skiing and BEER. See ya next Wednesday.


Casual Friday outfit

The madewell transport crossbody was a gift from my hubs and it's my favorite bag. I can fit my phone, wallet, sunnies, instax camera AND fujifilm xt20 camera, and an extra lens in there....I mean, how? Oh, and those are my initials in told on the front 😍 key to my heart? give me anything monogrammed.

Sharing this made me want to do a series of "what's in my bag" flat lay shoots... I love how one idea leads you to the next. 


Why making bad art is actually not that bad

What if it's bad?

Then it just sucks and everyone will make fun of you.

Or it'll help you on your journey to something good.

A friend gave me this book right before my hubs and I made the big move from Dallas, TX to Boston, MA! I teared up a little, it's such a thoughtful gift!

If you are or even just know a creative person, then you're aware of the inner battle that critiquing yourself is. 

The "What if it's bad" struggle is one I deal with EVERY. DAMN. DAY. I'm pretty sure I think everything I create is bad and I'm shocked when people say they like it. I'm working on it! And this book is helping! 

You've got to believe and trust yourself. You are the only one who is uniquely you. Your voice is worth expressing, even if it's just for yourself.


wish earrings - good for the soule

Over the years making my Good for the Soule Handmade Jewelry, I've always wanted to create some symbolic jewelry. But I've struggled to find any charm or symbol that fits with my geometric and minimal aesthetic. Last year, I messed around with symbolic packaging for my hexagon and gold triangle necklaces. But I failed to follow thru and actually shoot the product in the packages! In my defense, I was working full time, so the idea just lost steam.

Now, I thought the holiday season was a good time to bring the idea back! And as it turns out, I just bought these star beads a few weeks ago. When I thought about symbolism again, it became clear to do something around 'wishing on a star'. I love how these WISH pieces came out with the backer card and everything! I hope you do too! I think they're such a simple but impactful gift to give as we head into 2018. Check them out over on my Etsy shop:


PS: The photographer in me is pretty pleased with how these shots came out! It was a super overcast day and I thought they'd end up too dark, but I think they're all right :)