Hi, I'm Holly & welcome to my blog!
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About Holly

Hi. Iā€™m Holly Soule Horvath, a full time artist who admires simple design.

I was born and raised in small town in New Hampshire, but have moved around a lot ('holla' to my Tampa homies + 'hey ya'll' to my Dallas loves). As of August 2017, Iā€™m back in the Northeast and living in Boston. I worked in corporate marketing for seven years, mostly as a "doer of all the things" marketing, see my LinkedIn for all those juicy details.

This blog was created after I left corporate marketing in 2017. I started it to showcase my daily photography studies. After shooting daily for a few weeks, I rediscovered my love for styling within photography. I'm continuing to practice styling and incorporate it in my life more everyday. Overall, this blog has been helping me to slow down and reflect more. 

My continued hope is to inspire anyone to work on listening and loving themselves, just a little bit every day. 



Chris Horvath is a florida native, now living in Boston, MA and he's my husband. We met in 2010 and were married in 2014. We've been together a total of seven years and going strong. We're truly partners and best friends. He's my right hand man who always has time to review my posts and give feedback! So, I wanted to introduce you to him because I'll probably mention him A LOT and you'll even find little blurbs written by him in some posts! -H